Darla Headshot 2019.png

About Darla Lyon

I paint my passion - the beauty and wonder of botanicals, which has been the fabric of my life just as much as art has been. I have successfully made a living in art for 39 years as illustrator, portrait artist, designer, and muralist. Presently, I am delving into the world of fine art and exploring where that will take me, both physically and metaphorically. In my paintings of succulents, I closely study the shape, form, line and color of each plant, then I simplify the image with defined spaces, clean lines and blended colors. I use multiple thin layers of oil paint to create new and sometimes unexpected colors.  Always the realist, I find that this technique frees me from the pressure of making things look too photorealistic. Still representational, my paintings lean towards abstraction in that there is just as much attention paid to the composition of the shapes and color as there is to the subject matter. I hope that you follow along with me as I explore the botanical and art worlds.


Many artists paint the dark and twisted side of reality. I choose to paint the essence of beauty.

“Beauty is the oracle that speaks to us all” - Luis Barragan